Skincare First with Dermatologist Dr. Obed


Adon Solutions is very pleased to be working with Dr. Jerome Obed, a board certified dermatologist and the founder of Broward Dermatology & Cosmetics. We’ve been honored to help him spread the word about the importance of preventing skin disease, and the Adon Solutions team has enjoyed assisting him with business development, and onsite office construction!

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Kudos to the Chef


If you want to serve a recipe you’ve never made before, test it before the party. When you’re short on time, it’s a better idea to stick to tried-and-true favorites over trying new recipes on the day of your holiday celebration. Have a fantastic time holiday hosts!

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Fa la la la La | Throw the best Party of the Season


The holidays are the perfect time to extend special hospitality to family and friends. Hosting a party is a labor of love with a special focus on sharing with guests. Whether you’re planning to host an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner or a simple cocktail party with friends, entertaining during the holiday season takes time and effort. This year, resolve to add more joy to your gatherings by reading up on our best tips for planning holiday fetes!

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Holiday Shopping and Saving Guide


As the October wind shakes away the last of the leaves on the trees, we’re reminded that it’s almost that time of year again. Ah, the holiday season: a time of peace, love, joy… and crowded shopping plazas brimming with shoppers seeking that perfect last minute gift. As the influx of party invitations starts to sprinkle your calendar more plentifully than nutmeg on eggnog, you realize that between your family, friends, and the Secret Santa gift exchange your office party still hasn’t banned, you have some shopping to do. No need to worry about getting caught up in a holiday spending frenzy though. Read on for our five tips on how to save on shopping this holiday season.

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Fall into the Fun with Family and Friends


Fall is the season of all things pumpkin and apple flavored. What kind of list rounding off fun fall activities for families would leave out apple picking and pumpkin patches? Chicago is close to many countryside and suburban spots that are home to pumpkin farms and sprawling apple orchards where the entire family can join in the fun. The pick-it-yourself apple orchards and pumpkin farms usually offer a ton of fun activities to engage children in, too. You know—the good old hayrides, corn stalk mazes, and petting zoo farms that make the season fun for kids and adults alike. You can even pick up some local honey and seasonal décor while you’re out there. Don’t forget the cider.

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Solutions for those Caring for an Elderly Relative

My friend Gregorio Redondo strikes a fatherly pose without much ado

As our parents and relatives age, we grow more concerned about them. How are they really doing? Are they able to care for themselves well enough? Do they need more help? How can I make sure they get the care they need? Over 42 million Americans are caring for a senior family member who needs help with daily activities, a 2009 survey by the AARP found an additional 61.6 million Americans provided at least some care throughout the year.

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How to Increase your Daily Productivity through Positive Communication


Ellen Ericson, Business Etiquette and Protocol Expert

Fall is right around the corner, and sometimes the busy whirlwind of this transitional time can cause unintentional lapses in communication etiquette. Whether meeting with your child’s teacher(s) this school year, tackling fresh collaborative projects, or communicating with new clients and co-workers, clear communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings and to building mutual respect. Misunderstandings that arise from ineffective communication habits waste time and energy, yet the things that seem the most obvious are often the first forgotten. Fortunately, most communication faux pas can be avoided by remembering a few basic etiquette tips.

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Keck + Keck Architecture Continues to Spark Home Design Ideas


We are pleased to announce that Adon Solutions is working with a client on a home designed by George Fred Keck and William Keck—the acclaimed, Chicago-based architects behind Keck + Keck Designs. The Keck brothers were modernists famous for their elegant, yet practical, mid-century homes that forever impacted the architectural landscape of Chicago’s residential areas.

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A Zen Approach to Clearing Clutter


You know you’ve stepped into a Zen space when your surroundings reflect an overall sense of harmony, simplicity, and order. All the details of the room blend together, creating a continuity that instills calmness. The space feels open and light.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a master Zen Buddhist to use Zen solutions to organize, lighten, and enjoy your home. All you need is the desire and will to simplify your space, along with some tips like the ones provided for you today by Adon Solutions.

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