What Can We Can Do For You?

The possibilities are endless but they start with your need for timesaving solutions for your 1) Lifestyle Management and 2) Home or Property Management. We remove the burden of your busy schedule by providing unlimited organization of your daily needs in whatever space in your life needs it the most. Our goal is to give you personal, home and professional assistance to enable you to have more time and energy for the things that matter most to you. Often times, these services can accompany vital construction needs that we are able to provide. 

Construction Meets Concierge

We believe in building from the ground up and your renovations and construction needs should not come without a concierge. We take pride in our expert engineering and contracting services. When there is a need for your home, office or property to be reconstructed we can take on the project and pair you with the exceptional service of a concierge. A concierge is a professional assistant and team that are able to make personal arrangements for you. We have transformed your construction experience into a streamlined, comfortable experience with the addition of a concierge. What can your concierge provide? Assistance with financial matters, travel coordination, daily errands, technical services and much more. The best part? You can keep your concierge even after the construction project is done.

We step in, and you find balance!



Adon Solutions was founded in 2008 by Owner and Managing Director, Kadmiel Christmas. As an expert lifestyle management and home engineering consultant, Kadmiel has over 15 years of international professional experience. After his industry success as operations manager of multiple manufacturing companies, Kadmiel launched Adon Solutions. Today, Kadmiel and his boutique staff are trusted sources dedicated to surpassing their clients’ expectations. Along with Kadmiel’s entrepreneurial spirit and undeniable work ethic, Adon Solutions has grown into a multi-faceted agency. Kadmiel believes that his client’s finished product is perfected in partnership with the extended network of reliable businesses and affiliates he has gained — here in Chicago and beyond.