Health Series 101: Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen


Although no one wants to equate balmy days at the beach with the threat of disease, recent statistics show exercising some caution before venturing under the sun is worth considering. Skin cancer is the most prevalent of all cancers and makes up nearly 50 percent of all U.S. cancer diagnoses, according to the American Cancer Society

Don’t panic or get rid of your swimsuit and snorkeling gear just yet, however. In honor of the month and the highly anticipated onset of summer, we spoke with two of our favorite board-certified dermatologists—Dr. Jerome Obed from Broward Dermatology in Miami, Fla. and Dr. Emily Rubenstein from Advanced Dermatology in Lincolnshire, Ill.—to glean some tips to keep your skin healthy and beautiful all year long.

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Health Series 101: Heat It Up


Now that we’ve covered the basics on a healthier diet, it’s time to get fit and enjoy more time outdoors at the same time. To offer everyone some fun exercise solutions for the summer, we’ve highlighted several local fitness-friendly events and trends that may inspire you to get moving again.

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Master the Art of Transformation: Spring Fashion Looks


This week we’re excited to share a post from one of our favorite lifestyle and fashion sites, Lux & Concord at We’re strong believers in dressing for success, and to impress, so L&C wrote a little something especially for our Adon Solutions readers! Here’s how you can transition from your workday look to evening style, with a few key pieces. Simply start by experimenting with trends and making them your own. You don’t need to break the bank to do so! We hope this helps get you through spring season in style.

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Health Series 101: Curb the Cravings


It’s about that time, when eating healthier and getting fit is all preparation for the warmer days ahead. Hectic schedules can sometimes make it tempting to forgo healthy eating habits for the convenience of processed, packaged food that’s easy to grab while on the go. As a result, we’d like to share four tips that make it easier to keep your body a little healthier throughout the week.

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Office Cleanse, Be Productive in an Organized Environment


We’ve recently given our office space a new look and we’re excited to share our tips with you. Give your office a clean sweep this spring with some of our simple space-saving solutions! These are sure to create an overall more effective and attractive work place.

Keeping the office organized reduces clutter, saves time and will improve daily productivity. If clutter is starting to creep up and papers are pouring off work surfaces, it may be time to give the office a paper makeover.

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Spring Countdown, Break Ideas the Family Will Love


Icy Spring Alternatives

As much as we’d like to plan for a spring break that the family can enjoy outdoors, the chill of an extended Chicago winter is looming. To warm you up on the break consider these kid-friendly cafe stops chosen by Chicago Parent (Real.Happy.Families) Winter Warmers and Cafes.

For more interactive fun for all – consider museum hopping, especially on their free days. Chicago Museum Free Days.

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Insight into Inspired Style with Kip Rodrigue


We feel so fortunate to collaborate with some amazing talent at Adon Solutions, especially when we’re redesigning a beautiful home for a client. Recently, we’ve tapped into interior designer, Kip Rodrigue, for some insight into quality design. As the founder and owner of the Chicago-based firm Kip Rodrigue Designs, Rodrigue’s work has been featured in a variety of luxury and design magazines, and a few of the projects he has been involved with have received some awards. He earned his M.A. and B.A. in Art and Architectural History and is known for his knowledge of historical preservation, decorative arts, and antiques.

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