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Very professional. The owner is honest, straight forward and completely accessible. This company has completed several remodeling projects in our home and business. We have been continuously impressed with the quality of their work. They are fair priced, effective and diligent. Every person who has worked in our home has been respectful, polite and trustworthy. I highly recommend Adon Solutions.

David W.

If you need something done, and I mean anything, Adon Solutions is the place to go. I have had them move furniture for me, paint my apartment, give me design tips, and help out a family member with their computer problems. They are a one stop shop for whatever type of service you need. And the owner Kadmiel is the nicest person you will ever do business with and probably the most trustworthy too. Thanks for all your hard work Adon Solutions. I wish i could give you six stars.

Ariel L.

After going through a devastating life experience; Adon Solutions, headed by Kadmiel, helped get all areas of my life back on track. Kadmiel provided a detailed analysis of my situation and orchestrated a step by step plan to achieve goals. Specifically Kadmiel connected me with a fabulous financial and legal team so that my retirement goals are not a far-fetched dream. In addition, I was able to purchase, refinance and renovate my home. Adon solutions provided the contractors and design team. Prior to initiation of construction Kadmiel had a team come in to help me organize and purge. They organized items for donation and facilitated pick up and drop off. All of my closets were renovated and organized with such efficiency that I marvel at how I survived before. Once the purging was complete the renovation projects started. Everyday the team cleaned and weekly a crew came in to deep clean until the dusty part of project was completed. If there was anything I was displeased with, Kadmiel expediently made satisfactory changes. I always felt that my satisfaction was his utmost goal. Kadmiel loves helping people. Looking back, I would have never been able to achieve all that he’s accomplished for me in such a short period of time. Initially I thought this would just be a renovation project, but having gone through the experience with Adon Solutions, I feel so much more at peace and I’m so very happy! I’ve always been successful professionally, but hadn’t taken the time to organize my personal life. I highly recommend Adon Solutions.

Monica C.

Kadmiel is exceptionally personable, professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I have used him countless times to oversee construction on my home. He has handled all sorts of house issues that have come up. It’s not just general contractor work. His company handles your errands, to housekeeping, to large construction projects, moving your home, bookkeeping, you name it, his company can provide you the solution. I highly recommend his company, Adon Solutions to manage anything that comes up for you.

Carrie G.

Kadmiel was able to do what no one else could do, build me a website! I am not very tech savvy, but he was able to explain things to me in a way that I could understand. So appreciate his patient, kind way.

Harriet W.

I have worked with Kadmiel on several occasions and have had tremendous success each time. I have found Kadmiel diligent, attentive, and considerate to his client’s needs and has resolved a vast array of highly sensitive problems for clients that we share. I believe those are the essential qualities to look for in his profession. In addition, he has a indispensable depth of resources that he does not hesitate in using to support his clients or business partners. I would recommend Kadmiel to any of my business partners or clients.

Tyler M.

Kadmiel made my move and my renovation of my new home a breeze. He had professional help and I never had to worry about my home or having to lift a finger. I get complements on the detailed paint job and the reconstruction that we did. Kadmiel also was very creative in solving our closet problems. Kadmiel was professional, very helpful, and made my life a lot easier. I would recommend Kadmiel to anyone who needs help organizing their lives, or is too busy to be there own general contractor. He’s great I would hire him in a second

Emily R.

I have know Kadmiel for several years and have the utmost respect for his business and his character. Adon Solutions has been a valued service provider for hundreds of busy business professionals and I am sure they echo my sentiments about Kadmiel and his team. If you are looking to free up some of your time to focus on your work or the things you love in life please consider turning to Kadmiel and Adon Solutions to help you accomplish this goal.

Ed G.

Kadmiel is a fantastic entrepreneur. His continued focus around his customers as well as innovation is enabling him and Adon to scale a traditional local business model to a potential global one. We are proud to be working with Kadmiel on many fronts, and positively changing senior/elder care giving forever.

Asif K.

Kadmiel is terrific. Hard worker, always available and has great solutions and ideas on a multitude of fronts.

David O.