Keck + Keck Architecture Continues to Spark Home Design Ideas


We are pleased to announce that Adon Solutions is working with a client on a home designed by George Fred Keck and William Keck—the acclaimed, Chicago-based architects behind Keck + Keck Designs. The Keck brothers were modernists famous for their elegant, yet practical, mid-century homes that forever impacted the architectural landscape of Chicago’s residential areas.

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A Zen Approach to Clearing Clutter


You know you’ve stepped into a Zen space when your surroundings reflect an overall sense of harmony, simplicity, and order. All the details of the room blend together, creating a continuity that instills calmness. The space feels open and light.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a master Zen Buddhist to use Zen solutions to organize, lighten, and enjoy your home. All you need is the desire and will to simplify your space, along with some tips like the ones provided for you today by Adon Solutions.

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