Holiday Shopping and Saving Guide


As the October wind shakes away the last of the leaves on the trees, we’re reminded that it’s almost that time of year again. Ah, the holiday season: a time of peace, love, joy… and crowded shopping plazas brimming with shoppers seeking that perfect last minute gift. As the influx of party invitations starts to sprinkle your calendar more plentifully than nutmeg on eggnog, you realize that between your family, friends, and the Secret Santa gift exchange your office party still hasn’t banned, you have some shopping to do. No need to worry about getting caught up in a holiday spending frenzy though. Read on for our five tips on how to save on shopping this holiday season.

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Fall into the Fun with Family and Friends


Fall is the season of all things pumpkin and apple flavored. What kind of list rounding off fun fall activities for families would leave out apple picking and pumpkin patches? Chicago is close to many countryside and suburban spots that are home to pumpkin farms and sprawling apple orchards where the entire family can join in the fun. The pick-it-yourself apple orchards and pumpkin farms usually offer a ton of fun activities to engage children in, too. You know—the good old hayrides, corn stalk mazes, and petting zoo farms that make the season fun for kids and adults alike. You can even pick up some local honey and seasonal décor while you’re out there. Don’t forget the cider.

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