Office Cleanse, Be Productive in an Organized Environment


We’ve recently given our office space a new look and we’re excited to share our tips with you. Give your office a clean sweep this spring with some of our simple space-saving solutions! These are sure to create an overall more effective and attractive work place.

Keeping the office organized reduces clutter, saves time and will improve daily productivity. If clutter is starting to creep up and papers are pouring off work surfaces, it may be time to give the office a paper makeover.

1. File everything away – Invest in a vertical filing cabinet and come up with a filing system that works for you.

Using differently colored sticker labels or folder tabs to organize categories of documents may make spotting and retrieving the right file easier. A few bright colors may make filing easier on the eyes as well.

Label file folder headings with broader terms to consolidate more documents and prevent overflow. If the files are not organized alphabetically, try putting the ones opened most in the front of cabinet drawer so they are easier to scoop up.

To prevent desk clutter from accumulating, keep an in-and-out tray on your work surface to organize which papers are ready for filing and which documents still need more work. Remember to set aside some time monthly to weed out, recycle or shred expired documents and ancient folders. Keeping a recycling bin near the filing cabinet may make it easier to remember to get rid of old papers before they pile up again.

2. Pin down papers – Attaching a memo board to the wall to pin notes to or use a dry erase board for important reminders.

This can help reduce the amount of loose note paper floating around the office. Investing in some lacquered boxes or bins to store away any miscellaneous office items is another solution for clutter. Group specific items together and label the bins so everything is one place. In addition, remember to buy some pencil trays or jars to hold writing utensils and other small items all together in one place.

3. Maximize your space – To keep the office from feeling cramped, try to utilize vertical space with taller filing cabinets and shelves instead of wider ones that take up more floor space.

Sometimes the same piece of furniture can be helpful for more than one function. Opt for dual-purpose pieces, such as a desk that has shelving built in.

A room filled with light looks more spacious than a darker one. Ample lighting also reduces the risk of eyestrain and creates a more cheerful ambiance. Remember to not only invest in a good desk lamp or task light, but also open the blinds once in while and let the sunshine stream in.

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