Have a heart for Imerman Angels this February


February makes us think of Valentine’s Day – the day people make an extra effort to show their love for someone special. Some people have heard the phrase, “Love is a verb, not a noun,” but what does showing love really mean?


For Jonny Imerman and his team of real-life angels, showing love is helping cancer patients by ensuring they are not left alone in their struggle. Adon Solutions’ founder, Kadmiel Christmas, has had the fortune of being friends with this inspirational non-profit hero for many years, and to celebrate the month of love, we wanted to share the uplifting story of Jonny’s 1-on-1 cancer support charity, Imerman Angels, with you.

When he was 26 years old, Jonny found out he had testicular cancer. He went through surgery and a year of chemotherapy, but just when he was starting to slowly recover, the doctors discovered four tumors on his spine. He braced himself for another surgery, as the fight for wellness continued to wage on. Finally, after the surgeons removed the tumors, Jonny was cancer free! How fortunate he felt to have so many family and friends supporting him through this difficult time!

Yet, while he was in the hospital, he noticed many other patients fighting cancer in their rooms alone, with only the drone of their TV set to keep them company. Upset by the lonely patients’ plights, Jonny began visiting them to see if he could cheer them up. That’s when the idea hit him: What if every cancer fighter could talk to someone who had already fought cancer and won? Someone who was familiar with their unique experience, who not only had beaten the same type and stage of cancer, but who also shared the same age and gender as the fighter? The cancer survivor would be living proof and hope that the stricken patient could win, too. What an amazing connection that would be – just like a real life angel. Thus, Jonny founded Imerman Angels.

Today, Imerman Angels has built the largest network of cancer survivors in the world. The organization has teamed up more than 4,000 cancer survivors and over 1,500 caregivers with patients who need a mentor and friend. However, Jonny still needs your support and help to raise awareness.

“We’ve helped thousands of people with cancer but would like to help millions,” Jonny said. “The cause is bigger than all of us.”

Right now, the Imerman Angels’ Chicago marathon team of 120 runners could use your support. Many of those involved are cancer survivors themselves who share their stories to make a difference in the lives of patients still fighting.

“People can even help spread the word by buying one of our T-shirts or by telling their co-workers and friends about us,” Jonny said.

The organization’s mentoring program matches a cancer fighter with a provision of knowledge, tips, and inspiration, but also a friend to talk to who has been there and understands.

“It’s completely free to join our program and anyone at any age from anywhere can request a mentor,” Jonny promised. “We won’t turn anyone away.”

And you won’t even have to wait for Valentine’s Day.

For more information, visit www.ImermanAngels.org and Imerman Angels facebook. The service is is a federally registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

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