An App that will Revolutionize Your Life


As technology becomes more advanced, our lives should be improving as well. With the rise of apps and the cloud, shouldn’t there be a better way to stay on top of health and home-care? Now there is!

This year Adon Solutions teamed up with Caremerge – the world’s first complete set of online-based and smartphone apps that connects senior living community residents, physicians, and caregivers with real time information.

AdonCare takes the same functions of the Caremerge app and offers clients of personal, home and property assistance, the ability to monitor their services with real time updates. The software allows us to offer our clients a revolutionary option for life management.

Caremerge’s cloud-based, HIPPA-compliant platform began transforming communication and care coordination for senior living facilities in October 2010. As the winner of InnovateLTC and LTCLink’s 2012 “Most Innovative Company in Long Term Care” Award, the technology streamlines healthcare staff members with apps that connect them with each other, with offsite caregivers and with residents’ families.

“Long term care was challenged with increasing regulations, high staff turnover, lower reimbursements and minimal to no market differentiation,” said Caremerge CEO Asif Khan, explaining why he founded the company. “Technology had not adapted to long term care challenges and workflows.”

Now that Adon Solutions is offering clients Caremerge access with AdonCare, clients will feel reassured that their loved ones are cared for and secure. They will also have the ability to see the progress and status of their home, business, or personal assistant services. Whichever service is contracted with Adon Solutions will be trackable via the app AdonCare. For more information read about our packages.

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